Valley Inventory Services

An Overview of Valley's Services

Valley Inventory - Business Owner utilizing Valley Inventory ServiceVIS provides inventory services to various types of businesses nationwide. With our highly skilled workforce and timely inventory technologies, Valley Inventory efficiently and accurately conducts inventory audits for your company. Our success over the years has been achieved through total commitment from our personnel, and through the value we place on customer service. As a Valley Inventory Service customer you are the beneficiary of our "We Care" attitude, which translates into efficient and timely handling of all your inventory program requirements and scheduling needs.

Accuracy, Quality, & Economy

Accuracy is the key to any successful inventory company, and as such is the watchword for our company. We have combined state-of-the-art equipment and software with our highly trained and motivated staff to provide the most comprehensive and technologically advanced inventory program available today. Whether it be financial or SKU inventory, a complete computerized inventory report is available in the store on any media and in a format you desire.

Valley Inventory - precision and technology for Valley Inventory ServiceA quality inventory program is provided through our trained inventory specialists conducting fast, accurate and fully verifiable inventories to your exact specifications. We conduct thousands of inventories every year, both large and small, and each client is treated with the same unwavering dedication hat has been a hallmark of VIS since the beginning. We're proud of our clientele. Thousands of successful businesses have been conducting inventories with us for 30 years. We offer a unique combination of the latest equipment, professional audit staff, and regional flexibility. This combination enables us to provide you with an excellent inventory program now and in the future.

At Valley Inventory Service , consistency over time is the true measure of value. We encourage you to explore the links on the left side of your screen to learn more about the Services offered by VIS.


This price verification service includes an entire price book verification. As an item level inventory customer or not, it’s imperative that everything scans properly at the register. We provide the ability to ensure all your prices scan at the shelf price.

We can do this in the matter of hours when we know it can take your personnel weeks to accomplish the same task. When price verification service is complete you will receive a myriad of reports to your specifications.

With all of our services every report is always available no matter how long ago the service took place.


VIS provides inventory counting services to various types of businesses nationwide. With our highly skilled workforce and timely inventory technologies, Valley Inventory Service efficiently and accurately conducts inventory audits for your company.

An Equation for Success

Our financial inventories provide price multiplied by quantity inventories by category. The result of this type of inventory is both an area / location breakdown by category in a spreadsheet style format, as well as a category description. These inventories provide a comparison between the current inventory values and the previous inventory values, both by area and by category.

In addition, the category breakdown provides for category discounts to allow you to easily determine your margins in absolute dollars for any category.

Immediate Results for Timely Analysis

calc We offer full financial inventories and value reports on site. With our portable data collectors and computer systems, we offer our customers the ability to receive a printed inventory report BEFORE we leave your site.

Selling your business? Let us come in and take full stock of your company's worth before you sell, we can give you category breakdowns with and without cost-factors. Or if a more detail report is needed, we offer a full range of scanned inventory options.

SKU/UPC Inventory Pricing with VIS

We can provide scanned inventories for virtually any symbology or bar code format that you have. Our state of the art hardware and software is designed to accurately and efficiently perform your inventory in the way that you need it to be done. From data gathering to auditing to reporting, every aspect of the inventory has been carefully designed to ensure that your inventory is counted to your satisfaction.

Our system engineers will work with your technical staff and store management to evaluate your needs and design a solution that satisfies your requirements. Our scanned inventories provide the maximum level of accuracy and our internal processes are designed to make sure every item is accounted for.


Our scanners and calculators are the industries finest. They employ wireless connectivity allowing our auditors to perform at their peak efficiency. Validation against your item master is used to lookup price and description freeing up our auditors to only be concerned with counting your product. Wireless harvesters are used to gather count information on the floor so that auditors need not leave their areas, further increasing their productivity.


The latest generation of inventory control software is employed that allows for multiple methods of viewing your inventory information. From area, location, shelf, and down to the individual SKU, your data is presented in a clear and concise manner. Individual audit trails provide item by item reporting of SKU, department, shelf, location, and area. Comparisons against previous inventory values in absolute dollars, quantity and percentage differences are integrated into many of the reports. Summary reporting covers all level of detail, from area and location to department and overall totals. Our onsite generation of reports provide store personnel with the tools they need to be sure that our counts and coverage are to their satisfaction. At the end of the inventory we provide your data in any format and media that you need to be able to integrate it back into your system. We also archive all of your inventory data and reports on our secure site which is available to our customers at any time.

Our unique approach and in-house technical staff can handle all of your needs. We can decode locally generated random weight barcodes, provide automated CRV calculations, provide both retail and cost values, validate against PLU tables and much much more. Contact our technical staff to discuss your unique inventory situation and your will be pleasantly surprised when you discover what we can do for you.

Transfer of Ownership Inventory

Why choose Valley Inventory Service for your transfer of ownership inventory?

Valley Inventory Specializes in Transfer of Ownership Inventories

  • Our crews are trained especially for transfer of ownership inventories.
  • We maintain enough staff to enable us to be responsive to short notice inventories. In most cases we can offer next day or even the same day service.
  • We offer one call scheduling. Through our excellent communications network, you can make one call to our toll-free number or to our office nearest you and receive all the information you need right up to and including an instant booking of your inventory.

We know what is most important in a transfer of ownership inventory, ACCURACY!

  • Our inventory crews are highly sensitive to your accuracy requirements, and our many thousands of successful transfer of ownership inventories bear this out.
  • Our inventories are instantly fully verifiable. All inventory totals are generated as the counts are being completed on site.